Cookie the Kookaburra


Cookie’s Story

RRT's mascot – Cookie the Kookaburra. Cookie is an inspiring animal which we have chosen to represent our charitable organisation.

Cookie the Kookaburra is our supportive, compassionate, community friend who always seeks to win the hearts and minds of our communities.

Cookie’s loud infectious laugh will brighten every event he attends!

Keep an eye out for Cookie as he flies into RRT events around the globe.

Cookie will create memorable moments that will be with us for many years to come!

The aim is for Cookie to become an internationally recognized RRT icon, enabling RRT to better empathize and connect emotionally with people in need as an ambassador.

The Rapid Relief Team Charitable Organization was founded in Australia so choosing an Australian native animal is significant to RRTs foundations.

The Kookaburra has been chosen because we believe their loud infectious laugh represents the contagious bright and happy atmosphere our teams bring to every event we attend!