Compassionate Care for Australia's Homeless

Australia’s Homeless

According to Homelessness Australia, close to 40 percent of Australia’s homeless stay in severely overcrowded dwellings, while six percent stay in improvised dwellings, tents or on the streets.

Homeless Connect Australia is a government initiative that encourages cities, towns and communities to come together at events under the Homeless Connect banner. Community and corporate volunteers unite in accessible, public spaces to assist the homeless with immediate needs and plan for a more hopeful future.

The Rapid Relief Team supports Homeless Connect events across Australia. These events provide a direct connection between Australia’s homeless and the services they need – including doctors, women’s health services, hairdressers and legal counsel, to name a few. Our volunteers provide catered breakfasts and lunches for the homeless, along with all volunteers in attendance. Below are a couple of examples of the many homeless initiatives that RRT support.

Sydney Homeless Connect

In New South Wales, RRT offers catering support to Sydney Homeless Connect events held annually. Our volunteers erect a stand alongside dentists, health care professionals and hairdressers – to serve up hot catered lunches and sunny smiles.

Kyneton Soup Kitchen

In Victoria, RRT also supports the Kyneton Soup Kitchen on a monthly basis – serving dinner to the homeless, or those at risk of becoming homeless.

How can you help?

RRT are now donating Hygiene Kits for men and women as part of our ongoing support for Australia’s homeless.

For every quantity of Hygiene Kits you purchase, RRT will donate the same directly to a Homeless Mission or Homeless Connect event in your state or territory.