Premium Spring Water – Carton of 24


Rapid Relief Teams Premium Spring Water comes to the rescue for Australia’s emergency services. Our Bottled Legend!

Reliable, transparent, cool and clear – our premium water springs into action to quench the thirstiest of heroes. A legend for any lunchbox – just pop the handy sports top guzzle 350ml for immediate relief.

1 Carton = 24 x 350ml Bottles

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Feeling parched at the office? Make Rapid Relief Team Premium Spring Water your liquid refreshment of choice. Keep a steady supply of this bottled legend on hand for staff and appeals alike. Available for purchase in cartons or pallets (with a 20% discount).

For every carton or pallet of water you purchase, RRT will donate the same quantity to charities and emergency services crews across Australia. By purchasing RRT’s Bottled Legend, you are providing needed relief to the homeless, along with the volunteers and participants of events run by some of Australia’s leading charities.

*Delivery Charges will be additional.