Donate some RRT Lollies for these kids in their holiday season!

Wesley Mission Summer Olympics Jan 2018

About Wesley Mission QLD's Summer & Winter Olympic Programs

RRT will have the privilege of supporting this event on Thursday the 18th January with catering and refreshments as they have done for a few years running now.

During School Holiday periods, the Gold Coast Hubs offer School Holiday programs, providing parents with free vacation care.


How it works

Twice a year, the Hubs gather together to partake in the Winter and Summer Olympics, a day of friendly competition. Through these events, youth are able to make new friends from across the Gold Coast.  Additional events held throughout the year include celebrations to promote National Youth Week.

The Centres are run by Wesley Mission Queensland from the City of Gold Coast buildings.

The Gold Coast Youth Hubs provide supported spaces for young people aged 12-18 years to partake in activities and socialise with friends.

What kind of activities take place at the Gold Coast Youth Hubs?

A range of cultural, artistic, recreational and educational activities, including:

  • Social groups
  • Cooking classes
  • Homework help
  • Resume guidance
  • Written driving test support

RRT's Holiday Kids Lolly Appeal

As part of our ongoing commitment to assisting Wesley Mission QLD’s Summer Olympics, we’re calling on donations of RRT Lollies to help keep these kids in good cheer at this upcoming event.

How can you help?

Simply click on the Shop Now button and nominate the number of RRT Lolly Bags you would like to donate to this worthy cause.