Providing drought relief to farmers and their families



Operation Drought Relief & Farmers Community Connect

As part of the Rapid Relief Team’s ongoing commitment to raising funds to support those in need in our community, we rolled out an initiative to assist the drought-stricken Australian farmers across Eastern Australia, now known as Operation Drought Relief (ODR).

RRT launched the ODR initiative in response to Australia’s crippling environmental crises as it continues to impact farmers, their families and their livestock in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Overnight, RRT acted with a major program and in early August 2018, the first convoy of 10 road trains bringing hay from Western Australia to the worst affected rural areas of Western New South Wales commenced. This comprised a total of 830 larges bales which is enough to feed 8,300 cows or 83,000 sheep for a week. The approximate cost of this convoy was $230,000.

Operation Drought Relief gives RRT volunteers the opportunity to experience firsthand, the sheer determination of Australian farming families to beat the elements to keep their livestock alive. An experience that will never be forgotten.

Drought has a huge impact on the Australian economy, considering Australia is the second-largest wheat, canola and beef exporter in the world and the largest barley exporter.

RRT furthered the Operation Drought Relief campaign in support of drought-stricken farmers, once again responding to the major environmental crises, this time supplying thousands of tons of livestock supplement pellets designed to feed livestock such as sheep and cattle, providing them with the protein, energy, and nourishment they need to help them survive in the ongoing, harsh conditions. This led to the development of Farmers Community Connect (FCC) a feel-good day out that brings together rural support and farming families in one location.

Approved farmers are invited to attend the FCC event where they can receive their donation of a one-ton bulker bag of livestock pellets, a free BBQ lunch & barista coffee and access to local support groups such as mental health services, rural financial counselling and veterinary services. The whole community is welcome to show their support for the farmers!

In 2020, RRT will be making our way to eight new locations commencing January 30 in Cobar, NSW and then to Warren, St George, Inverell, Mungindi, Bourke, Goondiwindi and Walgett.

If you’re a farmer that’s been affected by the drought, you can register to receive support through RRT’s Farmers Community Connect initiative. Click here to register. Please ensure you register before the registration cut off date for your selected pick up location.

Approved recipients are to collect their donated supplies from the drop-off point in their region on the scheduled date.


Other Charitable & Government Initiatives

RRT’s 4 main areas of focus are; Homeless, Health & Disability, Youth and the Emergency Services.

There are other initiatives available to drought-stricken farming families. If you require further assistance, we recommend you visit the FarmHub website https://farmhub.org.au/ which lists a number of Government initiatives to support farmers and their families.