Supporting those who have lost their homes to the bush fires

Operation Fire Relief

In response to the catastrophic bushfires ravaging across New South Wales and Queensland, the Rapid Relief Team are stepping in to support those who have lost their homes with their Operation Fire Relief initiative.

Operation Fire Relief is designed to bring hope, and a helping hand to fire ravaged communities by donating a $1,000 gift voucher to each family/recipient who has lost their home, an RRT Family Food Box and Cookie the Kookaburra to children affected.

The first stop for Operation Fire Relief was Yeppoon in northern Queensland where 15 homes were tragically lost to the fires. The Rapid Relief Team will continue on to other fire-ravaged communities through New South Wales and Queensland, with the aim of helping hundreds of Aussie families who have lost everything.

If you have lost your home to the recent bushfires, click below to register for support through RRT’s Operation Fire Relief.

Register for Operation Fire Relief Support

If you’ve lost your house to the recent bushfires, you may be eligible for support