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RRT brings Christmas cheer to farmers doing it tough

Rapid Relief Team (RRT) has wrapped up the Operation Christmas Dinner campaign after gifting 750 farming families a $250 cash card, totalling $187,000, to drought-affected families. 

Farmers and their families gathered at local schools in rural NSW and QLD for a $250 cash card, coffee and Krispy Kremes to ensure farming families could afford Christmas dinner, after this year’s drought left many struggling financially.

RRT is staffed by volunteers from the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church, who came out in force yesterday and today to serve a coffee and spread a little Christmas cheer to communities affected by drought.

Operation Christmas Dinner recipient, Marty Wilson, said RRT’s support really helps out. 

​”Our main income is sheep and cattle and so with no rain, we have no feed. Today’s support really helps out, especially just before Christmas. Any little bit helps – it will put food on the table for lunch,” Marty said. 

Marty Wilson with her kids Audie, Riley & Austin
Marty Wilson with her kids Audie, Riley & Austin

Ron Arkcoll from RRT said this event was simply about helping families in need this Christmas.

“We have heard harrowing stories of families not being able to afford gifts for their kids and struggling to make ends meet because of the severity of the drought.

“We want as many Aussie families as possible to be able to take Christmas day to relax and spend time with loved ones, without having to worry about being able to afford putting food on the table,” Ron said.