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Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and The Bible and Gospel Trust (BGT) Working Together to Help Missionaries in Africa

The Rapid Relief Team (RRT) and The Bible and Gospel Trust (BGT) have combined their efforts in helping missionaries who have committed themselves to aid deprived families and children in Africa.

‘Bibles for Africa – Advent Hope Ministries, Inc.’ have recently been a recipient of consignments of Bibles from BGT and the special recycled soap from RRT. This missionary is actively helping with the distribution of the Word of God, setting up churches, orphanages, medical clinics and educating these poverty-stricken people.

It is reported that there are an estimated 1.2 million orphans in Kenya. These children are orphaned due to diseases such as malaria and typhoid fever. There are children begging in the streets – they are filthy, hungry and rummaging through the garbage beside the road. The RRT recycled soap is an essential cleansing provision for these children, along with training on how to wash to eliminate the disease that they are so widely exposed to.

The children at this orphanage are receiving Gospel cards from BGT and the RRT soap from the missionary pastor.