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AU – RRT Ballarat support Reclink Australia June 2018

RRT Ballarat we please join their support to Reclink Australia at their Community Program held at the White Flat Football Oval on the 27th June 2018.

Arriving onsite at 12:00 noon RRT volunteers set up to cater for approximately 180 people, both staff members and kids participating in the event. Sausage Sandwiches were served, with RRT packed up and offsite by 3:00pm.

This is the first time RRT has had the opportunity to support this charity. Reclink Australia exist because they believe that sport and the arts are the perfect vehicle to improve the lives of those experiencing complex disadvantage and social exclusion, that everyone has the right to a positive identity and social network.

“Reclink also believe that this can be achieved through active participation in sport and art, which revives, nurtures and sustains an individual and improves their mental and physical health.”

This particular event held on the 27th of June was a football game between Bendigo and Ballarat and the BBQ was an excellent refresher for both teams. Reclink Australia delivers sport, recreation and arts programs nationally. Participation is at the core of everything they do.

RRT are proud to be supporting this cause in a national way and are looking forward to further opportunities to support this charity in their cause and reason for being.