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DE – RRT Endbach & the Special Olympics State Games in Marburg September 2017

The RRT Endbach Team together with assistance from neighbouring Siegen has just completed three days of impressive support for the Special Olympics State Games held in Marburg, Germany.

This took place during the 12th – 14th of September and hosted about 600 disabled athletes and 500 assistants and supporters! Special Olympics is a worldwide organization that passionately helps and promotes people with intellectual disabilities to engage in sport.

A total of 35 RRT team members were present at this amazing event, clocking up over 360 man hours on site. During this period, 5400 cereal bars, 1500 bananas, 750 apples, 4000 bottles of sparkling apple, 1000 bottles of sparkling water and 3000 bottles of RRT mineral water were distributed with a smile.

The very varied weather added its own challenge to the whole occasion. The athletes, helpers and RRT team mastered the rain, the sun, the cold, and a lot of wind! A number of tents had to be dismantled, including one of the RRT tents, which was affected by storm gusts.

As a crowning touch, Mr. Peter Beuth (CDU), Minister of the Interior and for Sport in Hesse, attended the official closing ceremony of the Special Olympics State Games. Media spokesperson Friedhelm Burk and RRT national event manager Erik Pfeiffer had the opportunity to introduce RRT to him.

We hope to support Special Olympics also at future events and would like to warmly thank the organizers for their excellent cooperation and working together.

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