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US – San Francisco RRT assists Relay for Life June 2016

On June 4th, 2016, RRT volunteers from San Francisco assisted at the Relay for Life in San Francisco. Relay for Life is a fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society has a mission to free the world from cancer. ACS wants all to live longer and better by funding, supporting patients, conducting research, sharing expert information and spreading the word about prevention. Relay for Life Events are global in 26 countries uniting communities and acting against cancer. In 2016, through these Relay for Life Countries over 80 million dollars was raised for cancer control.

The day started with an energetic team from the Plymouth Brethren Rapid Relief Team (RRT) setting up the stands at the Alden E Oliver Sports Park in Hayward.  It didn’t take long for the RRT crew to be recognized by the others that attended the event last year!  Helping hands of RRT quickly got busy assisting with other tents and tables at the event.

Once the tents were completed, the event kicked off with speeches from the event coordinators, cancer survivors, and their caretakers.  It was affecting to listen to the speeches of encouragement and inspiration from the survivors and caretakers.  Shortly thereafter the survivors started around the track for Relay for Life!  They were followed by their caretakers and family members.

Once the first laps were completed on the track all the attendees enjoyed refreshments from the RRT tent.  Everyone that came by the tent were so thankful for a warm breakfast burrito, fresh fruit cup, granola bar, or just some hot coffee to keep them going on the track.  The RRT crew passed trays of refreshments and drinks around to all the attendees as well as other crews at the event!  One thing that kept everyone fuelled up and energized throughout the day.

The RRT crew also assisted the event coordinators with retrieving ice throughout the day to ensure all the drinks stayed cold at the entire event.  Everyone there was overjoyed and very thankful for the assistance and refreshments from the RRT!  Overall it was an enjoyable day & a great learning experience to keep going no matter what comes into the path of life.