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CA – Abbotsford RRT Helps Fundraise For Cops For Cancer Event 

The Cops for Cancer – Tour de Valley Event is an exciting annual event that takes place each fall, where over a hundred law enforcement and emergency service personnel from all across the province of British Columbia come together to make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer.

The participants brave all types of weather as they cycle for up to two weeks across the daunting terrain of Vancouver Island, Northern BC, along the coast of British Columbia to the Fraser Valley.

This year the Cops for Cancer has raised a total of $326,430 to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society. This impressive amount is going to be used to fund life-saving research and caring support programs to reduce the impact cancer has on the lives of the victims and their families.

On April 23, 2016, the Canadian Cancer Society hosted an event at a small market fair in the greater Vancouver area, to help raise funds for the Cops for Cancer Group. The Rapid Relief Team of Abbotsford, BC assisted at this event by manning a tent where the public could come and learn about the Cops for Cancer Event and donate to the cause. A number of participants in the ride arrived at the fair to further inspire people to give generously. The Rapid Relief Team were very glad to meet these people who give up 2 weeks to selflessly support others.

Many RRT members also walked around the fair to try and gather more donations. With the support and help of the RRT, a total of $1500 was raised from the fundraising event at the fair. This amount was sent to the support the cause of the Cops for Cancer, and RRT was told that it will be enough to send one child who is living with cancer to Camp Good Times. RRT Abbotsford enjoyed the chance to be actively supporting the Cops for Cancer cause, and they look forward to contributing further in the future to this fantastic event.