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AU – RRT and Dry July at Canberra Hospital 2016

When you’re diagnosed with cancer, it’s hard to find the time or energy to think about anything other than treating the cancer.

Dry July is about giving up alcohol or sacrificing something you enjoy for the month of July in order to help raise funds. In this way Dry July participants help ease the burden, reduce stress and add some comfort for those affected by cancer.

The Dry July Foundation’s work is dedicated to providing maximum support and comfort to patients and their families during their difficult time.



RRT Canberra were asked to open the 2016 Dry July event at Canberra Hospital with a Gourmet BBQ onsite. As RRT assembled at the hospital in sub zero conditions, all geared up to crank out the food one of the organisers said “I hope you guys are able to work in snow – there is a big snow fall predicted.” Undaunted RRT got to work and fired up the BBQ and the sun came out!



It was a great day with great food, everyone enjoyed themselves and it proved so successful that RRT were asked to do a replay at the end of the month.

The Wrap-up Event

The 29th of July came and RRT were back in action again to celebrate the close of the month-long event. The word had got around by then that there were some nice people in blue caps under a big red tent cooking really good food.


Gourmet hamburgers were the star attraction at the BBQ, which also catered for those who preferred a vegetarian option. RRT cooked over 800 great tasting burgers between the two events and all proceeds were given to the Dry July Foundation.


The generous donations received at the event will be used to purchase items for the comfort of cancer patients. RRT Canberra were grateful to be able to contribute their support for the patients and families at the cancer hospital.

Another success for the Dry July organisers at the Canberra Hospital!