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AU – 6 RRT Teams support the 2016 Bike for Burns Ride

The annual Bike 4 Burns event, now in its 10th year, is organised by the Children’s Hospital Foundation and has to date, raised more than $373,000 in funds, 100% of which goes towards burn technology research and development.

RRT was privileged once again to support this ride, commencing at Berowa on the 9th of May and finishing in Brisbane on the 17th of May 2016. Firefighters from both NSW and QLD plus their support crew, approximately 120 participated this year.

“Firefighters know all too well the devastating affects burns can have. It’s great to think of the positive influence this ride has on improving treatments and outcomes for children with devastating burns injuries.”

Research cannot be done without funding, so RRT were pleased to support Bike 4 Burns so ground-breaking research can be continued and investment made in the best available medical equipment to help work wonders for kids that suffer burns.

Gosford RRT at Berowa 9th May

RRT Gosford set up at 5:30am on the 9th of May, the location being at the Berowa Community and Cultural Centre. Breakfast was served at 7am which consisted of bacon and egg rolls, fruit, tea, coffee, water, muesli and yoghurt, 120 meals in total, the recipients being NSW & QLD Fire and Rescue personnel, their support staff, and doctors and staff from Westmead Children’s Hospital. The bikes set off shortly after 9am.




Newcastle RRT at Cessnock 9th May

By 5pm Monday the 9th of May, the first day of the Bikes 4 Burns 2016 Charity Ride was drawing to a close and 120 + weary bike riders and their support crew had converged on Cessnock Showgrounds and were beginning to set up their camp beds, repair the day’s wear and tear on their bikes, strip off their riding shoes and helmets, queue up for a welcome shower and most definitely lay claim to some tea, coffee, hot chocolate and a good feed!


Over the next hour RRT served approx. 140 meals including seconds, consisting of chicken fillets on a long roll with lettuce, cooked onion, tomato, capsicum and sauces. The capsicum must be the secret ingredient for long distance bike riding stamina because the whole 4 kg disappeared in very short time!


After dessert and drinks the riders were keen to get a good rest in view of their early start heading north to Brisbane to complete the Bikes 4 Burns ride for 2016.

Tamworth RRT at Tamworth 11th May

The Bike 4 Burns participants arrived in to Tamworth around 3pm on May the 11th at a footy field with grandstands, providing plenty of seating for them to sit and receive the steak burgers RRT had prepared for them.


Finishing of the meal with Sara Lee slab cakes, the Bike 4 Burns Team Leader closed the evening gathering everyone in front of the grandstands to express gratitude for RRT Tamworth’s services.


Armidale RRT at Armidale 12th May

The Armidale stop went very well, making use of the UNE gymnasium as it was very cold outside. RRT Armidale set up more serving tables than they had done at other times to better facilitate serving.



25% more food than was requested was prepared which was just as well as nothing was left over. The Firefighters were extremely thankful and stated how much they appreciated meals served by RRT.



Ipswich RRT at Beaudesert 16th May

Once again, the RRT had a great experience serving the Bike 4 Burns participates and their support crew. The pictures say it all for all involved!



Brisbane RRT at Brisbane 17th May

Brisbane, the GRANDE FINALE! Firefighters from QLD and NSW arrived at their final destination for the Bike 4 Burns 2016 Ride on the 17th May.






Some feedback that RRT received;

“You guys were great! At the end of the day when we were tired and hungry, RRT was there with a delicious meal. I loved the natcho meal, it was great and these lamb rolls were awesome! I follow you guys on facebook, keep up the good work”