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SE – RRT serves up a 5-star breakfast at Helsingborg and gets a thumbs up

The town of Helsingborg in the south of Sweden is often the first stop for the many immigrants fleeing the troubles of Syria and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, some don’t make contact with the authorities who are committed to helping them, and end up on the street. Helsingborg has around 800 homeless people.


Local people, wanting to help, started the “Homeless House” in 2000 and have been actively helping since.

RRT provided a full cooked breakfast and a musical band to help the homeless and immigrants make a better start to their day!


For those braving the cold nights, this was a welcome relief…


Staffan told RRT “This is great; you get 5 out of 5 stars for this! My day looked very black to start with, but when you invited me into the tent, it turned white!”


A woman who has been homeless for years was really touched,” When I entered your tent, I felt such a warmth, a kind of joy and generosity, you can hardly describe… quite amazing that there are such people like you. I am so glad that I came into the tent, indescribable. What generosity and warmth!  It was the atmosphere that was so special”