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GERMANY – RRT supports ‘Special Olympics’ at the Perfstausee Lake, Hessen – 9th July 2016

RRT-volunteers backed participants of the ‘Special-Olympics’ event on 9th of July 2016 at a charity run around the Perfstausee Lake in Hessen. Refreshments including drinks and fresh fruit were handed out.

Special Olympics-1-rrt-germany

Special Olympics is an organization which provides disabled persons with a chance to develop physical fitness. They train regularly for days like this and run the same course as other athletes.

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There was good weather and a great atmosphere throughout the event. The various running groups were spread over the afternoon. Exhausted runners gladly received the offered refreshments. A spray of water or a few gulps during the charity run were very welcome.

Special Olympics-3-rrt-germany

RRT’s involvement and support was greatly appreciated by the participants as well as the organisers, who wrote a very warm letter of thanks following the event.

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